Season draws are now available on the Capital Football page of the Sports TG website.  The links in the table below provide shortcuts.

We recommend that you check the draw weekly as it tends to change through the season.

Refer to the Girls U10 and Up Draw page for the same links for the girls only competition.


Open Under 10 Belsouth Hurricanes – Open U10 Black
Belsouth Lightening – Open U10 Blue
Belsouth Thunder – Open U10 Green
Belsouth Cyclones – Open U10 Red
Belsouth Storm – Open U10 White
Belsouth Tornadoes – Open U10 Yellow
 Open Under 11 Belsouth Cougers – Open U11 Black
Belsouth Tigers – Open U11 Green
Belsouth Panthers – Open U11 Red
Belsouth Lions – Open U11 White
Belsouth Leopards – Open U11 Yellow
 Open Under 12 Belsouth Arrows – U12 Division 2 Blue
Belsouth Spears – U12 Division 2 Gold
Belsouth Hammers – U12 Division 3 Blue
 Open Under 13 Belsouth FC – U13 Division 2 Blue
Belsouth FC – U13 Division 2 Gold
 Open Under 14 Belsouth FC – U14 Division 2 Blue
Belsouth FC – U14 Division 3
 Open Under 15 Belsouth FC – U15 Division 1
Belsouth FC – U15 Division 3
 Open Under 16 Belsouth FC – U16 Division 2 Blue
Belsouth FC – U16 Division 2 Gold
Belsouth FC – U16 Division 3
 Open Under 18 Belsouth FC – U18 Division 2